About me

I graduated from Civil Engineering Secondary School and worked as a civil engineering technician for 17 years. I have been interested in cameras since I was a young boy. First I bought a cine camera, Yashica 600-S 8mm in 1972. With the appearance of video techniques I turned to video cameras. Later I graduated from School for Video and TV Cameras of the Yugoslav Institute for Journalism and became a freelance cameraman. I joined the Freelance Photography and Video Artists’ Association. Since then I have paid taxes for my pension fund myself. Currently I am working with the professional camera Sony 200 DVCAM.

  • I was the first cameraman to shoot the Open Heart Street in Belgrade.
  • I shot the last performance of Radovan 3(284) on 31st October 1984.
  • In 1991 I accompanied and shot Red Star that won the European Championship in Bari.
  • I shot protest walks in Belgrade and gave my shoot to TV Arte (France) I was the only person from this region to shoot NATO base in Avian in 1998.
  • During bombing in 1999 I shot for Spanish TV Cinico (Madrid) The magazine Raum &Zait (Germany) awarded me with the Nikola Tesla prize in 2002.
  • In 2004 I was the official cameraman of European Junior Handball Championship.

As a young man I was a goalkeeper of handball teams. I began playing in Belgrade Sloboda first team being a goal keeper at the age of fourteen and a half.

  • I used to play for Vozdovacki, Obilic, Partizan, Red Star,Zeleznicar,BSK.
  • I played more than 1000 matches being also in junior and senior national teams of Serbia.
  • I passed examinations for federal handball referees being a referee at about 300 matches.

Dragan Stanić – Stanke